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Tipo/Type: X12 TR [Photo: X12_01.jpg]
Ano/Year: 1972
Data da foto/Photo date: 1972 Foto de/Photo by: Factory Catalog
Proprietário/Owner: Gurgel Factory
Local da foto/Photo place: Rio Claro/SP
Site "http://www.team.net/www/ktud/saspeci/gurgel.html"
In Brazil, the most popular 2WD off-road vehicle is the VW Fusca (Beetle), but the Gurgel X12 is also a good choice. Produced between 1969 and 1992(?), the Gurgel was built with VW parts and a "plasteel" fiberglass body on steel structure (100,000km corrosion warranty). X12: lenght 3480mm, width 1660mm, rear mounted 1.6 litre air-cooled engine, 4-cylinders, horizontally opposed, 4x2, weight 800kg.
- Julio Florez [4/'00] - São Paulo, Brazil.

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