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enviado em 15JAN2002 (Em Inglês)
In 1999 I bought a Gurgel X12 on a classic cars fair. What I know of this Gurgel is that it was imported in 1981 in a lot of 28 cars.

In Holland all cars older than 3 years need a yearly examination of the technical status. This applies also my Gurgel. A lot of technical shortcomings were on the list with as most important the brakes. The complete brake-lines have to be replaced and the brakes it self had to be cleaned and brake shoes to be replaced. At this moment it is to cold for actual work on the body of the Gurgel. Now I am working on the instruments-panel (dashboard). I have replaced the speedometer with an European model, which includes a fuel gauge. (I hope the speed will not diverge too much from reality because of the different size of the tires). On a fair last week I found a identical fuse-box. A lot of VW parts are available but they sometimes differ from the parts on the Gurgel. Also it takes a lot of time to find them.

My plan is to bring the Gurgel in such a technical condition that it will pass the technical exam. Than it is allowed to drive on the public road again. After that accomplishment it is reasonable to do more investments. I will bring it back in its original state. For example: replacement of the completely worn out side windows.

Can you imagine that it is a big job to do? I am not a technician but I like to do this work for a hobby. What I need is some technical documentation like a schedule of the electric system and a drawing of the body and chassis (like the drawing of the roof in page 10 of the manual on your WEB-site)

What I do have is an Automotive Repair Manual of Haynes. In this manual I can find all the information about the VW Beetle, which covers a lot of parts of the Gurgel. I miss the Gurgel specific techniques. (Chassis, bodywork, electric system, measurements and weights.)

I should be very much obliged if I could receive some technical information on the first place (or addresses where documentation is available). When the Gurgel is on the road again I am interested to buy some typical Gurgel parts.

It was a nice surprise to discover your WEB-site. I had no idea what Gurgel mend. The historical overview was not readable for me since it was in Portuguese but the pictures taught me that the X12 was not the only model. The WEB-site gave also an impression of Brazil. Probably a good holyday destination in the future!

Hereunder some pictures of the Gurgel and my eldest son and his partner. As you can see there is a lot of work to do before the Gurgel will be in a good condition.

Kind regards,

Jan Smit

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